Saturday, January 10, 2009

Of BFs, bfs, GFs, and gfs

Does bf always have to mean boy friend? How about best friend? And gf? Girl friend? Or good friend?

Ok, for the sake of clarity, let's use bf=boy friend, BF=best friend, gf=girl friend, GF=good friend.

I have a few minus one BFs. I had a few BFs. Notice the past tense. Me and my bf broke up a few months ago. He was my bf as well as my BF. Only now I'm not even sure if he's even my friend. I have no idea what happened, I can only trust that he knows what he is doing. At least I still have my BFs. Technically, they know only half the story. The part about how I actually feel. I don't share my feelings. But I believe that they won't push me to reveal what I don't want to show.

There is one person who really knows. He's under the GF category. But I sense that he is getting tired of me. He's helped me a lot, including dissing his friend, the above mentioned bf. Of course, his friendship and my relationship has nothing to do with each other, and I've told him so, and that he is him, I am me, and the other he is the other him. So, please don't diss my ex, this is for me to do.

I have a few GFs. One who I recently went to Genting with. Is it weird to go to the theme park with another girl, share a room, go for breakfast together? Anyway, I had a great time, and I guess I owed her this, for treating her the way I did some time back. GFs know less than BFs about my life, and once again, I don't share my feelings. I just don't.

Correction. I do share. Different people get different parts. Like a jigsaw puzzle. If you ask all of them, they'll tell you different stories. Put them together, and you get the big picture. However, I know that they value my privacy *hint*, and keep whatever I told them to themselves. I'd rather not tell every single thing to one person, in fear of my stuff being tortured out of that friend, though it is highly unlikely, I'll admit.

I still miss him. I thought we were so good together. Obviously something was wrong down the road, and he got off the bus, leaving me to continue my journey alone. I guess I can always get another companion to ride on together, but for now I still want him.

Oh, by the way, I met a really cute guy today. Just too bad for me he's only like 5 years old!


Justin 2"007" said...

Thats an unexpected ending~ lol~ Recover well mei sze~ ;)

jiun said...

i'm sure u're tough enough to handle this. you have to move on anyway!
look at the brighter side. who knows your true one will appear soon?
all the best! =]

zhexin said...

It's a big step ur taking here Mei sze~ at least the bus is moving forward for now =)

I miss you!